Strategy for Change

Joshua Knight
 Why did I do that?    
 Why did they do that?    
 Why do I feel this way? 

Every single one of the 7.5 billion people currently living on this earth today will ask themselves these questions many times throughout their life. And even though we ask continually and in different ways, most will never find an answer.  

Those questions are just a few of the searching questions all seekers of truth and change ask themselves. The answer lies in knowing what the driving force behind someone’s actions and behaviors are.  According to Human Needs Psychology, this driving force behind everything people do is simply a need that a person is trying to fulfill. Once we know what need is trying to be met we can understand ourselves or another person on a deeper level. Furthermore, this knowledge allows us to truly understand someone else’s point of view, which is infinitely better than just having an empathetic feeling about their situation.

This concept lays the ground work for truth and honesty to flourish between my clients and I, and when we both seek with an honest heart, in a safe environment, answers always appear. Utilizing a Neo-Schematic Bio™, we will combine these things, along with new knowledge and action to create an environment conducive for real, long-lasting change in your life.

You can expect that whether it's a private one-on-one session, seminar, conference, etc., that  we will systematically navigate through your life’s daily behaviors and actions looking for areas in need of clarity, improvement or upgrades. And once we find those areas we strategize together to switch them out with new ones. These new behaviors and actions will be implemented on purpose and all with a specific result in mind.  A result that you want to achieve such as health, money, happiness, or even love.  Maybe it's more of a thought process or belief system you want to change. Maybe its an addiction you want to overcome or a family member in crisis. Whatever the situation is, the skills, knowledge and insight you gain, will give you the self-confidence and know-how to bring about the best outcome for you.

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  • Certified Professional Life Coach

  • 19 years of Coaching & Motivational Speaking experience

  • 25 years of Direct Sales/Sales Trainer experience

  • 30 years of Business Owner/Operator experience