Have a Plan for Personal Development?

Plan to develop into something greater or you will develop into something less, with or without your permission.

For you to be a leader of any substance, you must have a plan for personal development. People don’t follow anyone for any significant length of time unless the leader deserves it. A leader must constantly be growing if they want their people underneath their command to be growing. I can’t imagine any leader being satisfied with where they are and not striving to be better. It is just a part of being a leader.

"One definition for the word leader is “one who leads.” Pretty simple, right? It doesn’t even say anything about how they lead."

One talent that must be learned and is often overlooked is vision. A leader must have a clear vision on where he/she is going. More important than that, is where they are taking their organization. This is true whether that organization is a family, a business, a church, or a marriage.

One definition for the word leader is “one who leads.” Pretty simple, right? It doesn’t even say anything about how they lead. You could lead people to death, poverty, prison, addiction, or any other negative place. It's a sad fact but there are a lot of bad leaders out there. People who want the power of leadership without the responsibility of the outcome.

To lead in the right direction means you have to put some time into thinking where you want to end up. What you want to look like when you get there. What you need to bring for the journey. What you are willing to do to make sure you get there. What price you are willing to pay. What you are willing to sacrifice to get there. All these questions need to be answered. The answers will lead into more questions, its never ending. Each one of these questions will bring to light the kind of leader you are. If you are willing to lie to get where you want to be, then that shows a flaw in your character. If you are not willing to sacrifice anything, or do anything to get there, then maybe your destination isn’t worth the trip.

I know this with all my heart. You will not go anywhere unless you are willing to make changes. You might feel the wind in your hair as if you are running fast towards your destination, but when you open your eyes you will see that you are just sitting in front of a desk fan going nowhere. Stop resisting change and growth. That’s where the magic is.

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