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Today, it has become increasingly easy for people to become educated beyond their intelligence. With information and data so easily accessible to us all, you would think that we would make smarter decisions, but as we all know, that is not the case. The problem is, we have forgotten how to think because we have allowed others to do that for us. Even worse, we have surrendered our thinking to people who have selfish motives and are uninterested in how we might be negatively affected. We have become robotic, without purpose or desire.  Empty and mechanical, because our actions serve only the programmers and developers of our environment. 

There has been times in my life that I was full of non-actionable data. So much so, that I was literally just a walking USB storage device.  And just like a USB without a computer, my data was useless. Time and time again, I see people who tell me of books that they have read, facts that they have learned or beliefs they started believing in but still the actual results they seek, elude them. What I find interesting, is these same people are usually compelled to offer this acquired data in the form of unsolicited free advice.  Just like a walking USB, they store and pass data to others but do not execute it themselves.  

FACT: Data without a computer to execute it, is useless. A computer without a motor, is useless. 

Allow me to gift you a small nugget of logic. If you walk into a gym and just sit there, you will not get in shape. You must workout! Talking about going swimming, will not make you wet! Reading about being a better parent will not result in better kids! You must act and it must be action that is on purpose and with an exact result in mind. Furthermore, you must know what really drives you and then build a motor that will propel you towards this desire, need or result you seek. 

It is my belief, that when people are truly conscious and aware of what they are thinking or doing, along with the truth of the actual result that it produces, they will naturally want to make the best choice to bring about the best outcome for themselves. This of course effects everyone around them. In short, there is a reason all the people that are suicidal today, don’t just jump in front of every moving car they see. They want to find a way through, a reason to keep going. They unknowingly need and deeply crave to become consciously aware, again.

A Neo-Schematic Bio, guides you, step by step on how to build a new, improved, and on purpose you. It is your schematic on how to build that previously mentioned motor, with conscious purpose and desire. This is done by directly targeting the way the brain is programmed to accept predetermined decisions, actions and reactions as protocols for familiar situations in the future. Our brain does this in an attempt to preserve precious processing speed for new situations and stimuli but this does not always work for our benefit. The problem arises when we unconsciously use that stored process even though the results or outcomes we receive have become negative or are not serving us at the highest level.  

At our workshops/seminars/1-on-1 sessions we help people remove this virus from their Human Central Processing Unit™ (HCPU). We teach this process, in an engaging and experiential way that involves audience and/or individual participation and interaction. Attendees will walk away with a tool that they will have for the rest of their lives; an executable program that they can run as needed, to think on purpose again.


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Joshua Knight

Certified Professional Life Coach



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